Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nkɔsoɔ House

Architecture can make a difference!
This summer, RAUMGESCHICHTEN will be hosting two workshops to realize the next case study house in the Abetenim Art Village in collaboration with the Nka Foundation. Our case study house will be constructed using traditional building techniques and local materials translated into a contemporary architectural language.

Our contribution to the Art Village embodies a vision for an ecological, vernacular approach to architecture. It will be a built manifesto of social, as well as, ecological architecture; a showcase for the grandeur of earthen construction, leaving behind the stigma of earth as building material for the poor.

The Abetenim Art Village supports the local community and works as a catalyst for the entire region. The new buildings will be used as residences for visiting volunteers and international artists. 

During the workshop participants will be part of an international team of students, graduates, volunteers, and local community members. We will work on site, learning both new and ancient techniques in earthen construction, along with theoretical classes, hands-on training, and the opportunity for participants to share their previous experiences through peer lectures.

The first sketch 

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