Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thanks Transsolar!

On May 1st, RAUMGESCHICHTEN met with Markus Krauss from Transsolar.

Transsolar is helping us adapt our design for the Nkɔsoɔ House in terms of energetic performance and climatic optimization. We met in Nürnberg and discussed topics like building orientation, air circulation and ventilation, flooring, mosquito protection, and roof construction. 

Based on the altitude of the sun at the site, we re-oriented the building east-west, to have the shorter edges face lower sun radiation. Further, we discussed locating the main rammed earth wall to the north side for less solar impact to avoid heating. This wall would then act as a cooling mass to improve the interior climate of our house. The roof design has changed and is now split into two layers to reduce solar impact and to generate air flow through the space in-between.

Since air circulation is essential to internal comfort levels, we discussed the option of adding a solar chimney as an integrated part of the rammed earth wall. Natural ventilation, especially night-time ventilation, will this way, be greatly improved. 

RAUMGESCHICHTEN is looking forward to further productive discussions and is very thankful for the voluntary support from Markus Krauss!

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