Thursday, August 6, 2015

The First Few Days

Monday Aug. 3 marked the first day with a full workforce of 15 motivated workshop participants! The foundation was dug, the first layer of sand (subbase) was rammed in place, and used wooden formwork was gathered to be recycled on our building. Materials (wood, sand, stone, and metal) and tools were ordered for future use on the site.

On Tuesday, stones were collected in the village nearby to reduce the amount of concrete used in the foundation, and then a concrete layer was poured and rebar was put into place to stabilize the wall. The team started assembling the formwork for the foundation of the rammed earth and adobe brick walls. 

Tuesday also marked the official meeting with the village chief and his speaker, as well as a welcoming ceremony. The chief granted the group permission to visit his village and to interact with its community.

On Wednesday, the team visited the stone quarry to order a specific kind of gravel needed for the earthen mixture, and the first preparation of the earth mix began. More progress continues to be made on the foundation and on leveling the formwork.

More team members arrive on the site on Sunday, so there will be more to report then. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Ingrid for the pictures!

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