Monday, August 3, 2015

Work has officially begun!

Our first arrivals have reached our site at the Abetemin Arts Village in the Ashanti Region in Ghana, and were able to report back what they've accomplished so far.

Markus, Matthias, Ingrid, and Vincent arrived at the village on July 30, and determined the best site for the house. It is situated between a palm tree and another big tree which will act as shading for the house during the evening hours. They also met with the other teams that are also currently building, and exchanged their experiences of their mud house workshops that are currently underway.

On Friday, the 31st, the team worked with 4 local workers to clear the site from trash and bushes. Underneath, they found the parcel fits exactly the required orientation of the house in regards to the path of the sun. In the evening, the team had an official meeting with the Village Chief's Wife, to hand over gifts from Germany, and to receive permission from her to build the house.

Saturday, August 1st, two more participants, Tim and Laura, joined the group. The floor of the site was leveled and measured, and the first parts of the foundation were staked out.

Stay tuned for more updates. More participants are arriving next weekend, and we will report back when we can. 

We want to thank all the people who have supported us so far on this journey. Our crowdfunding campaign is really taking off, with more than 20% of our needs being covered already! Thanks to all the people who have contributed so far, or have helped to spread the word about our project. We appreciate all the help you have given us!

For those new to our campaign, and wanting to support us financially, please check out our donation site at  (for the English version, look at the upper right corner of the page, and click on "English").

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